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E-Mail and Instant Messaging Notices and Disclosures

All E-Mail and Instant Messages sent from or received by Dowling & Partners Securities, LLC will be archived for compliance with Dowling & Partners Securities policies or applicable SEC or FINRA Rules and regulations. All E-Mail and Instant Messages may be reviewed by someone other than the sender or the recipient.

E-Mail and Instant Messages from or to Dowling & Partners Securities, LLC may contain confidential, proprietary or legally privileged information. Any use, copying, retention or disclosure by any person other than the intended recipient is strictly prohibited. If you have received an E-Mail or an Instant Message and are not the intended recipient please notify the sender.

Opinions expressed by the author of an E-Mail or Instant Message may not reflect the opinions of Dowling & Partners Securities, LLC. Opinions are subject to change without notice.

E-Mail and Instant Messages sent through the internet may not be secure. Dowling & Partners Securities accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of messages after they have been sent.

Any E-Mail or Instant Messages which contain investment related information is prepared for the institutional clients of Dowling & Partners Securities, LLC.